New Work With Old Glass

The exciting part of finding a big cache of old glass is that there is bound to be some old glass-making technique that I haven’t yet seen: 120 years old, and brand-new to me.  Cheap thrills, but also a valuable addition to the range of possibilities!  Here are three panels, each about a square foot in size;  they each have strong elements in surface texture, surface decoration, or amazing color density which is just not found in present-day production glass. Bigger colors, bolder texture, more density.  Thanks for saving this lovely material from the landfill, Bill and Carol!  Years of stashing have paid off!

DSCN0195dscn0191This next piece gives full expression to the old material.  Rich tone, strong line and texture,  it is 100% early glass with a garnish of very modern dichroic glass.  People ask “How long does it take to make these?”..This one has taken about 20 years.IMG_3816

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