Damaged antique glass repair, Part Two

Our friends, Joe and Vanessa have a lovely early Vic-Twin in West Philly.  The house is trimmed with chestnut instead of the later-used oak.  Their leaded window and door panels have colored glass, which was not used in the vast majority of the West Philly homes.  Since it is a little bit older, it has had more opportunities to get banged up.  The lovely chestnut doors on the second-floor parlor entry had taken a direct hit at some point in the past 115 years, leaving a 10×10 inch hole in the middle of one of the panels.

I cleaned up the wound, burnished the metal so that it would accept solder, and patched the hole, using mostly antique glass.  The finished product speaks for itself, and asks that you please take your football outside!IMG_2209IMG_2226IMG_2227

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